Does Jason Garrett have a Contract Extension Coming his way?

It’s been a high drama packed few days, and Tony Romo’s back injury is the latest twist in what should be a wild finish Sunday night. Leading up to last week’s game, rumors were swirling that the assistant coaches were fearful of getting fired and that Jason Garrett would be fired if the Cowboys failed to reach the playoffs for a third straight year. Garrett has had this team on the brink of the playoffs three straight years in de facto NFC East Championship games on the final game of the year versus division rivals. Romo will probably be out versus the Eagles and if he gives it a go, he’ll likely be ineffective; so, now the question is whether or not this buys Garrett time as the head coach for the 2014 season.

When news broke about Romo being injured I immediately said this would spare Garrett from the reaper on “black monday,” and Jerry Jones continued his endorsement just yesterday. Jerry was asked about Garrett’s job security and he said,

“That’s just not right. That’s just not correct,”  “I addressed that three or four weeks ago. He is not. That’s all you need to say about it.”

And if you haven’t figured out Garrett’s appointment as the head coach has been a learning-on-the-job situation just take Jerry’s word for it:

“At this time in his career, he’s learning in leaps and bounds and learning every day, and I want our team to take advantage of that,” Jones said.

Garrett was thrusted into the head coaching talk before he even became a head coach by the mega marketing guru, Jerry Jones. Garrett wasn’t ready to take the helm, he went from a QB coach in Miami; to offensive coordinator; to head coach in a relatively short time-span. Jason Garrett is Jerry’s Jones personal project and he intends to see it through. So, while we as fans know Garrett needs to go, Jerry simply doesn’t see it that way, he won’t see it that way.

With Romo doubtful for sunday’s game, Jerry will be able to give Garrett a reprieve and don’t be surprised if he gives him a contract extension. If Jerry doesn’t want a lame duck season in 2014, he’ll need to show the players that Garrett is here for the long haul by awarding him a 3-year extension. They’ll have a press conference at the end of the year season, touting how the team is improving and how the building blocks are in place and a plan to improve the roster via the draft, etc, etc.

So, regardless of the result on Sunday, expect the talk to shift to which assistants will be fired. Look for heavy changes on defense. Outside of Marinelli, I think everyone gets canned. Kiffin is done, Eberflus and Henderson are not 4-3 guys, and really don’t have the experience level in general. Dallas needs to go out and get a Zimmer or Bradley disciple, someone with some real vision of what a 4-3 should be in today’s NFL, not yesteryear.

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    Wish we had access to the old board:

    I think it was this time of year two years ago when we were debating head coaches. I posted: that I thought Chip Kelly would be a good choice..
    We lose out again…

    If JG comes back next year we will have the same lack duck offense.. Who would want to run the defense under JG…… oh yeah a Jerry Puppet…