Kiffin Expected to be Out, Would Marinelli Stick Around?

The Cowboys offseason is currently underway, and with Jerry reaffirming that Jason Garrett would be back, the talk moves to the defense. Monte Kiffin needs to be released, but the Cowboys are working out the details for a press conference. Don’t be surprised if Jerry comes out and announces an extension for Jason Garrett, and Rod Marinelli as the new defensive coordinator. The hold up on this process could be Marinelli’s loyalty to Kiffin, and if Kiffin is gone, its possible he’d like to move on himself.

The Cowboys need to move fast on promoting Marinelli, he’ll likely want to hand pick “his assistant” coaches. First assistant that comes to mind would be Raheem Morris to replace Jerome Henderson, and Eberflus could be on the outs as well. The defense clearly needs some revamping and Marinelli can help revamp it with his choices – needs to happen asap.

Locking up Marinelli is crucial since its expected that Lovie Smith will resurface somewhere this offseason and Marinelli would probably rejoin him at some point. By promoting and extending Marinelli, the Cowboys can move fast on other defensive coaching assistant changes.

If Kiffin is gone and Marinelli chooses not to stay onboard keep an eye on Leslie Frazier or Jim Schwartz, both have solid defensive 4-3 resumes.

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