Poll: Who Will Coordinate the Defense in 2014?

The Cowboys remain tight lipped about the statuses of various assistants, but the one everyone is curious about is the future at the defensive coordinator position. At the end of the season it looked like a lock that Monte Kiffin would be among the coaches fired on “black monday;” however, that has not happened…yet. The latest rumor is that Bucs newly minted head coach, Lovie Smith was looking to poach our defensive line coach, Rod Marinelli. Despite various rumors Marinelli is still a Dallas Cowboy. A lot of what happens to the position has to do with the fate of Kiffin, if he is gone, Marinelli would be inclined to leave as well, even with a promotion.

There are other options out there, some good and some not to appealing, but one thing is certain; Dallas needs to make a move sooner rather than later. Who do you think will be the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator in 2014 – take the poll here.

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