Adding Will McClay could yield Defensive draft pick gold

Dallas Cowboys news has been a bit slow since we departed the 2013 season; but, word is coming out that Will McClay will be infusing his pro personnel scouting magic into this year’s draft board. McClay has been instrumental in finding some nice gems over the past few seasons. On top of finding Laurent Robinson a few seasons ago, he hit on George Selvie and Nick Hayden has been a nice find as well. I’m looking at this annoucement as a hint towards a heavy defensive draft.

McClay is defensive minded which goes back to his lengthy stints in the Arena League as a defensive coordinator. Couple McClay’s knack for finding defensive players and his experience on that side of the ball, it only makes sense to pick his mind for this year’s draft which is considered to be a defensive heavy draft. With the Cowboys lack luster performance on defense there’s no doubt in my mind that this move further suggests we’ll be going all in for defense in May. If McClay’s success in finding pro players translates into draft success we could be in for a treat this coming draft.

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    I hope that the dallas “being content golfing in January ” cowboys are watching these playoffs..

    Learning what it takes to get to the big dance :
    Play as a UNIT not as Individuals
    Passion and Heart
    Blue collar worker-bring your lunch pail to work attitude
    Check your diva personality at the door
    Bring the Heat and Smack the other team in the mouth

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    Who has a better record at the end of next season:

    Vikings (Mike Zimmer & Norv Turner -with NO QB). Vs Cowboys ( same coaches..same story)