Newman Out, Fans Rethinking on McFadden

My how the tune has changed for Cowboys Nation, you see it on all the message boards, and blogs, “Newman is out, the sky is falling” I’ve been saying this all along, our first pick should focus on a top tier CB, not on McFadden, who is all but assured to be holdout headache for someone. I’m not onboard the D-Mac train, instead I’m on the CB train.

Here’s what I said in regards to our 2008 draft:

As for what position we may need to address in the draft, its early, but you would have to say CB, and WR would be atop the list of priority needs. After Newman, there’s a big drop in coverage. There’s Henry, but no one seems confident in him lately. The young CBs on the team, aren’t even at Henry’s level, so that’s a position of concern.

I had predicted a solid win over the Texans this coming Saturday, but with Newman out the rest of the preseason, you will see our CBs exploited, and the importance of at least having two shutdown corners will become more pronounced. Henry and Glenn will be the starters, and watch out. Glenn has lost a step, and has never been a good cover corner while in Dallas. Henry, well we all know what Henry is now, so there’s no need in getting into more unpleasantries.

What the Cowboys WILL need in 2008 is another shutdown corner, one that comes from a strong pedigree. Ohio State has delivered on some solid DBs in recent years, and next year could be another solid crop from Ohio State. In 1999, as the Bills HC, Phillips drafted Antoine Winfield, from Ohio State. Keep an eye on Malcom Jenkins this year. He could be on our radar if he declares next offseason. Shoring up the defense is Phillips’ M.O. In San Diego, the defensive line had been bolstered up to his liking, so they moved their focus to CB by drafting Antonio Cromartie. It’s my belief that Phillips will have no problem in drafting a top tier CB with either pick in the 2008 draft.

Yes, the defense has looked tyrannical on the field, but its the preseason. I’m not saying this won’t continue into the regular season; however, the regular season is when we will truly see how far this defense has come. Last year’s shortcomings are blamed on the defensive meltdown towards the end of the season last year, and until the Cowboys prove they have staying power on defense, upgrades on the defensive unit will continue, especially under the defensive minded Phillips. Newman’s injury only highlights our weak link in our armor, the cornerbacks.

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