Cowboys Drop to 0-2, Officially Overrated

The Cowboys haven’t been consistent in any phase of the game the last two outings, and after today’s loss the Cowboys are officially overrated. There is something seriously wrong with this team at the moment, and the Texans pose another difficult match next week. The defense has had its moments, but cannot carry this abysmal offense. The offense is playing really bad ball, full of mistakes, turnovers, and drive stopping penalties.

Luckily, after two weeks no one has really stepped up in the East, its wide open right now; however, if the Cowboys drop next week’s game, it will be that much tougher to capture the NFC East. 0-3 is a near death sentence and the way the Cowboys are shooting themselves in the foot it could happen, in fact, don’t be surprised. Simply put, the gig is up, the 2010 version Cowboys are overrated. I sure hope they can turn it around, but as it stands right now, its not looking good.

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