Poll: Cowboys 1st Round pick should be used on?

If history is any indicator, then expect the Cowboys to be very quiet come the start of free agency. In fact, it could be said the Cowboys have already made their biggest splash by re-signing kicker, Dan Bailey to a 6-year deal. That being said, the Cowboys will rely on the draft more than ever. The consensus about the  Cowboys biggest weakness is on defense, mainly the defensive line, but arguments can be made by any position on defense. We have a few linebackers (Bruce Carter and Sean Lee) that have played inconsistent ball and some that cannot stay healthy, so linebacker could be a pick, maybe not where we are currently set to pick, but its definitely on the radar somewhere in this draft.

The secondary has some questions at safety and cornerback. Jeff Heath was a disaster and JJ. Wilcox could not unseat him, so this is a question mark. Then you have the durability and play of Morris Claiborne, some will say he is a bust already, and if he puts in another season like 2013, he will be. The Cowboys will likely add another cornerback as well.

To me, defensive line is by far the biggest issue, and if we can’t get a pass rush going it’ll be another long year for Cowboys fans. We have no idea who will be back on defense. We can assume Jason Hatcher is out, and we’re not sure DeMarcus Ware will be back. Ware will probably be back, but he’s lost a step, he doesn’t dominate anymore. Spencer is gone, and would you even want him back, we could never count on him either, frail player. I’m hoping adding Will McClay in to the draft board strategy will help us nail some defensive studs.

What position should we draft with our 1st round pick? Take the poll here.

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