1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back

The Cowboys dropped to 1-3 at home against a very beatable Titans squad. The theme of the game was mistakes again. The Cowboys have been plagued with really sloppy play and way too many mistakes to win any games in this league.

The gig is up in Dallas, the Cowboys will not make the playoffs with the headcoachless horseman leading the way. We have two coordinators, and no head coach to lead us out of this dismal season.

At this rate the Cowboys will finish at 4-12, 8-8 at the best if they string together a run; seriously though, do you see the Cowboys running the table any time soon? They are playing horrible, inconsistent football. The Cowboys may be the best of the worst teams right now, but that doesn’t mean they will turn it around, its just an indictment as to how bad this coaching staff is. All the talent, but no one to harness them into a championship team. Pathetic.¬†Embarrassing.

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