Cowboys Flushed their season

The Cowboys have pretty much flushed away their season after another abysmal showing against the equally horrendous Vikings. The Cowboys season  is over, forget about having any post season aspirations! The Cowboys have a loaded team on both sides of the ball and have now become the laughing stock of the NFL for this such reason. How do you field such a sloppy team each week and expect to win?

The penalties and lack of discipline ALL stem from the coaching or lack thereof, from Wade Phillips. The honeymoon is over, the players have not bought into his style and we are now in a serious tailspin with no end in sight. Owner, Jerry Jones has stated there will be no change at the coaching position, and I believe him, he’s very stubborn.

Jerry Mulling Garrett as Interim Head Coach?

I wish Jerry would do a first, and cut Phillips lose if we fail to get to 4-4. We all know Jerry has never made a mid season move, but it may be a good idea to see what Garrett is all about. Jerry hand picked Garrett after Parcells resigned, and then he hired Wade Phillips after the fact. With the season lost, Jerry should be bold and see if Garrett can make the spark; if not, then blow the whole thing up and bring someone legit in to coach the Cowboys. The way I see it, Jerry could let Phillips try to get us to .500 by winning the next three games: Giants; Jaguars; @ Packers. If we lose then make the move and let Garrett do his thing with the remaining games. Who knows? unlikely, I know, but why not try something, just anything at this point!

Gruden to present his case

Next week the Cowboys host the Giants on Monday Night Football, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gruden and Jerry get together for a casual exploratory get together. Gruden’s main play would be he would be able to get the Cowboys over the hump and win a Super Bowl under his command. His proof would be the 2002 season in which Gruden took over Dungy’s Bucs. The scenario is relatively this same again here in Dallas, we can’t get over the hump with all the talent, so Gruden would say he can be the last piece. Personally, I’m not endorsing this situation, but I am just saying this is a backdrop story that could be in the works behind the scenes.

Let’s face it, its time to look ahead, and the Cowboys MUST go with a proven winner. Will Jerry throw the kitchen sink to get Cowher or Dungy in Dallas? Will Parcells return to Dallas? lol What about Gruden, Shottenheimer, Reeves? Expect the rumors to increase with each loss.

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