Cowboys Infected by Trickle Down Wadeconomics

Let’s be realistic here, the Cowboys season was done before it even began, the injury to Romo just solidifies and adds insult to injury to Cowboys Nation. We have the distinct possibility of going 1-15 at the rate we are playing right now; however, I’m thinking more 4-12, still a horrible record considering everyone penciled us in to the Super Bowl – what a joke.

The fundamental issue the Cowboys are facing right now is poor coaching, plain and simple. Wade is soft, too soft. We all remember his previous training camps were labeled “camp cupcake” referring to how easy and laid back camp was. Lame. Its backfired and it has finally caught up to everyone on the team.

Wade’s laid back, easy-go philosophy has trickled down and infected some of our best players. Look how bad Jenkins is playing; Witten has become Flozell’s replacement with the stupidest offsides penalties lately, dropping passes, turning the ball over; Ware’s dominance has sizzled off a bit as well. This team is a mess from top to bottom, from the practice squad player to the supposed superstars on this team.

We are done for the season. Gameover.

Jerry will need to swallow his Texas sized mega ego and sign Bill Cowher and let him shape up this team. Some say it won’t happen, but I simply point out the hiring of Parcells, so its been done before.

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