Garrett as Cowboys Interim Head Coach

The Cowboys called in their season last week; however, after thinking it could not get any worse the Cowboys showed up, but no one played. This team quit, almost like they are collectively asking Jerry to make a change for them. That’s the only logical conclusion, because nothing else is making sense right now, this team is lost and completely imploded.

Jerry is expected to make “the change” by tomorrow morning and expect Jason Garrett to get the nod for the remainder of the season. No one on the staff will be considered, some are saying DeCamillis, but let’s be real here. This is Jerry’s project, and he has ALOT invested in the Garrett’s. Jason Garrett is the “Assistant Head Coach” after all, John Garrett is coaching the tight ends, and Judd Garrett is the Assistant Director of Pro Scouting. I don’t see Jerry leaping frogging another assistant over Jason Garrett.

The only decisions will be who will run the defense, and will Garrett keep calling the offensive plays. If we make it through Monday and Wade is still the head coach then Jerry is making a mockery of the “Star” and all the loyal fans worldwide. Change MUST happen.

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