Texans Deliver Texas Size Whipping

If you call this a dress rehearsal game, then we’re in trouble. What a complete disaster from beginning to the end. The offense was putrid, and the defense looked unenthused. Lack of discipline just reared its ugly head in this game. What happened tonight was an embarrassment, and a let down, but its good to bring the Cowboys down to earth after seeming to be unstoppable in our last two outings. There’s just a whole litany of things that went wrong tonight. A good ass whipping is just what the doctor ordered.

Hopefully lessons will be learned, and the team can refocus on the task at hand, a Super Bowl.

Who was on?

On the positive side, Bradie James is indeed back. He has played well throughout the preseason, and looked outstanding tonight. He probably get’s a gameball for all his efforts. James has really come on in this new defensive scheme.

As predicted, Sam Hurd got a lot of reps in tonight, and he continues to look good as a possession receiver.

Who was off? This list could go on forever, so I’ll keep it nice and concise:

Special Teams continues to suffer. I’m not quite sure Bruce Read is getting the job done here, and I just knew that the Texans were going to tear it up on special teams – and they did. I’m baffled in this area, what needs to be done? Is it player personnel or coaching. Fix it, or we’re going to be putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on the defense.

The Defense was way off tonight, sloppy tackling, no swarming to the ball. I mean this unit was a complete opposite of what we’ve seen the last two weeks. When I saw them come off the field, the defense looked lifeless, and unenthused, very disappointing.

The Offensive Line did not get it done at all. Colombo had problems blocking most of the night, and Mario Williams looked like a rejuvenated, Pro Bowl type player tonight. Gurode had issues as well. With the offensive line playing like crap the Texans were in the backfield all day, and stuffed Julius and Barber. The Texans were clearly getting after the Cowboys in ALL aspects of the game, and the better team won tonight. Stupid penalties from Davis and Adams highlighted the offensive line’s woes tonight.

Overall, the team did not look energized, no confidence, no anything, they just showed up and made an appearance. Whether this is a result of loss of focus or discipline will be debated throughout the week.

As for the Texans, these guys are going to be a team to be reckoned with, and I’m not just saying this because they whipped us. Living in the Houston area, I’ve been watching their games, and they are playing well. Their first round pick, Omobi Okoye has great speed, and is going to be a menace up the middle. DeMeco Ryans is still the man at LB. And what can you say about their WR rookie, Jacoby Jones. I highlighted him in my post earlier in the week, and sure enough, this guy went the distance on their first possession. He made a nice catch in the endzone too. I think the Texans found their #2 WR for now and the future. You gotta give the Texans some props, they looked good in my opinion, and they could be on their way up starting this year.
The final preseason game is just five days away when we play the Vikings. Let’s hope we can return to form.


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