More Evidence the Defense Needs Revamping

The Cowboys played another very competitive game; however, the defensive struggles continue. The Cowboys defense has yet to step up as the offense has since Garrett’s takeover. The Cowboys could not stop the run; outside Ware and Ratliff, no one made any plays to kill the Eagles’ drives. Towards the end of the game the defense completely failed to stop the run and it was game over. The defense MUST be revamped in 2011. The secondary is the weakest link overall; the corners do not like to step up and make tackles, not physical enough. Mike Jenkins continues on his horrid year, he’s been garbage, sheer utter garbage. Time to let Irvin do another reality show to find us a secondary player, because we don’t have anyone worth a crap.

On offense: Miles Austin gets an honorable mention for horrid play. What happened to Austin’s hands? He’s been dropping passes left and right, you’re playing like crap man.

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