Who Will the Lead the Defense?

The next goal of the Dallas Cowboys should be the locking down of a defensive coordinator. Once Garrett was made the head coach, it was believed we’d be hearing Miami’s Todd Bowles would likely end up being the next announcement, but that looks to be on the backburner right now. If the Cowboys wanted Bowles they could probably make it happen; however, this has not happened.

Who else could be on the crosshairs? Do they just keep Paul Pasq? I highly doubt that, they defense was consistently horrible. Eric Mangini is the sexy pick, but I’m not sure he’s even in the running. Knowing the Cowboys, they will get someone we’re not too familiar with. Its also possible the Cowboys may nab someone who is still coaching in the playoffs, and if that’s the case the interview process will take its time to run its course. Perhaps someone Packer’s staff would be ideal, if you look how resilient Capers has commanded a injury riddled defensive squad AND still perform at a high level – that shows alot in that scheme and their coaching staff.

Let’s keep in mind the Cowboys are still evaluating players, in regards to who will be coming back, and who will not. During this process, could it possible the team sees the time to move to a 4-3? Not likely, but you just never know, especially at this point.

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