Official: DeMarcus Ware Released, Now What?

The speculation is over and by now you know DeMarcus Ware has been released by the Cowboys. The move will free up $7.5 million dollars and allow the Cowboys to enter a new era on defense. Ware is the most decorated defender in Cowboys history, but the window has closed on another “Parcells guy” If I’m Ware I’ll be looking for the best chance to get a ring, that is the one thing left for Ware’s Hall of Fame career. Question will be whether Ware wants a ring or wants to get paid another hefty contract.

So now what? The Cowboys will have about $9million under the cap now which should let them re-sign Jason Hatcher if they want, or if they want to sign a decent mid-tier player or two. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, we need to hope Jerry does not throw our draft picks in this year’s draft for the #1 overall pick for a player like Clowney, or anyone else for that matter. The track record has shown he has done some crazy trade stuff when franchise guys leave. Keep your eye on this.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of something new in the Cowboys front office; as in, more sensible and pragmatic contracts.

Draft wise, drafting a defensive end might be the quick mock selection with Ware gone, but Marinelli was involved on what needs to be done to fix the defensive line, there’s no doubt about that. The Cowboys may want to shift from bringing the pressure from the middle ala, the defensive tackle position. If you can bring the pressure up the middle then you can have some decent guys from the edge. Look at the Bucs and Lions of now, the pressure comes from the middle and the top QBs will say pressure from the middle is the worse, it throws them off.

I’m still looking at Aaron Donald despite this latest development with Ware. Bring in some role players at to get in the mix at defensive end, and shore it up with starter guys from the draft. Let’s go Dallas!

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    Like it or not, they had to release him.
    I have to say good move.

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    Ware signs with Broncos.
    Best of Luck to you with them. He deserves a true shot at getting a ring.