What Signing Brandon Weeden Really Means

It’s funny seeing the twitterverse blow up over the signing of Brandon Weeden. Here’s my take, and here’s what the signing ultimately means for the Dallas Cowboys: Weeden is an insurance policy should Tony Romo not be truly ready for training camp. We saw what happened with him last offseason, he is taking a long time to recover from these mounting injuries and there is no guarantee he’ll be fully ready for contact. All offseason Romo’s status kept getting delayed and I expect the same this offseason. Just my gut feeling. So, if Romo is held out of mini-camp or preseason, then Weeden will be backing up Kyle Orton. Orton isn’t going anywhere this year. For him to retire he would have to return about $3 million when he restructured.

We’ve seen these type of veteran additions in the offseason in Dallas and its no different. At the end of the day Weeden is very expendable and could very well just be a camp body. This team needs every roster spot possible and if Romo and Orton are good to go, then Weeden will be a camp cut eventually, simple as that. He’s not going to be taken under anyone’s wing, and he’s not a long term QB. He was grossly over drafted by the Browns, so take the signing as just some insurance policy.

The Cowboys could have a plan in place to draft a young QB in this draft and if that plan falls through, well then they have Weeden. If their plan goes well and they grab a QB they like over Weeden, then he’ll be cut loose. The theme of the offseason has been depth, depth, depth, and the Cowboys are covering their bases here as well.

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    Please please draft a QB….Hint hint…
    Jimmy Garoppolo wants to now beat Romo’s record in the pros…
    Ever since Jim Harbaugh gave him props his stock has risen to a potential 2nd round pick
    If he is available in the 3 rd we have to grab him.