Wade Wilson Received HGH for Grossman?

Well, the latest from the news wire revolves around our QB Coach, Wade Wilson. Apparently, Wilson had received HGH (Human Growth Hormone), and admitted to league officials that he ordered them online. Also involved in this investigation is, Patriots safety, Rodney Harrison also admitted to the use, and has now been suspended by the league for (4) games. On the surface this doesn’t appear to be more than Wilson using the HGH to help heal himself, but there’s speculation, that he could have ordered them for other players.

Wilson admitted receiving human growth hormone and anabolic steroids while a coach with the Chicago Bears, where he worked from 2004-2006. League officials were interested to know whether he used the drugs himself or whether he supplied them to players.

The two are the first of what is expected to be many connected to the NFL to arise in the investigation. Sources said officials from the Albany Co. District Attorney’s office approached NFL officials about Harrison and Wilson, saying that both had received drugs from Signature Pharmacy in Orlando. (NYDailyNews)

I was listening to the sports radio this morning, and an interesting point was brought up in regards to the Wilson portion of this investigation. It’s being speculated that Wilson may have ordered these HGH drugs for Bears QB Rex Grossman, who has had a history of being injury prone. Just speculation, but a good point. Let’s see what happens here.

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