Only Extend Oft-Injured DeMarco Murray for Cheap

So, the latest rumblings and rumors indicate the Cowboys may be thinking about extending DeMarco Murray. And I ask why? If the Cowboys are looking to reverse their bad contracts over the past years then extending Murray would not make sense at all. Supposedly there are “whispers” that a deal could be in the works. Here’s something that is not a whisper, but rather loud and clear: Stop extending broke down players that cannot stay healthy worth a lick! How many seasons have the Cowboys been doing good enough in the running game with Murray and then like clockwork he pulls up gimpy? and then there goes the latter part of the season. I’ll pass man, I’m passing on this, I’m selling, not buying. I like the player when he is healthy, but man, we can’t count on him. He’s the running back version of Miles Austin. Let Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle show us what they have, open up the game for them.

DeMarco Murray

The only way, I’m extending Murray is if can prove he can play a full season this year, and I’m still going to be looking for a cheap deal. Gone are the days of the overly paid running back contracts. Archer, over at ESPN suggests that the running back market is so low that the Cowboys could lock down Murray for 3 yrs. If the Cowboys are in fact looking at giving Murray a new deal, it had better be a smart deal, and something that protects us from his frailness.

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    Joe: did you see this

    Free agent DL Marcus Spears has officially retired.
    Spears never fully recovered from a 2013 knee injury, appearing in just five games with the Ravens last year before being waived. A 2005 first-round pick, Spears spent the first eight seasons of his career with the Cowboys as a five-technique defensive end and situational run stopper. Spears, 31, has signed with the SEC Network and will pursue a career in broadcasting.

  • That was a miss in so many ways. He would have been better suited in the 4-3 coming out of college.