Update on Wade Wilson, Suspended 5 Games

There’s an update on Wilson’s involvement in the HGH investigation, Wilson has been suspended and fined:

(AP)The Dallas Cowboys announced assistant coach Wade Wilson has been notified that he is suspended for the team’s first five regular-season games and fined $100,000 for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing drugs, according to an NFL spokesperson. Wilson has acknowledged purchasing and using such prohibited substances. Evidence supports his statements that he used the substances for personal use only, did not distribute the substances to other people, and has stopped using those substances. He is eligible to be reinstated Oct. 9.

So, that’s that for now, it would appear that any rumor of distributing to other players, mainly Rex Grossman have been debunked. I wonder if we will add another assistant coach to fill the void of Wilson being gone for almost half the season.

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