Potential Defensive Coordinators Begin Interviewing

The Cowboys are wasting no time and have begun to schedule interviews for the defensive coordinator position. One thing is clear, the Cowboys are sticking with the 3-4. There will be no move back to the 4-3, so those ideas can be squashed today. The Cowboys interviewed Dom Caper’s protegé Vic Fangio and this shows the Cowboys are looking for an attacking scheme, and if you follow Caper’s coaching tree, Fangio would be the top choice considering all his experience and successful implementation of their scheme. Fangio will almost surely join Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco, but it was worth the look-see.

The Cowboys are also scheduled to interview former 49ers defensive coordinator, Greg Munusky. Munusky also runs a stout version of  the 3-4, for this reason, the Cardinals are also interested in Munusky for their def. coordinator position as well.

The common denominator in these two guys is years of experience. The Cowboys aren’t going to go young here, they want someone that will get the defensive unit in check and someone that definitely knows what they are doing.

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