Caleb Hanie signing because Orton is Contemplating Retiring

The news that not many people are talking about is the new signing of QB Caleb Haynie, another ex-Brown. We now know that Kyle Orton has not been at voluntary workouts this whole week and is currently considering hanging up the cleats.


The Cowboys need arms during their offseason program with Tony Romo coming off back surgery. In addition, Kyle Orton’s been absent during the voluntary workouts this week and it’s still uncertain when or if he will return as he reportedly mulls retirement.

Johnny MazielThis could have some impact on the draft. I don’t know about you, but I’m not high on Brandon Weeden or Caleb Haynie. You have to wonder if the Cowboys will in fact consider drafting QB Johnny Manziel if he slipped through the cracks, and there’s a legitimate chance this could happen. The Cowboys need to think about this year and the future. Do you think Romo will lose some zip on his passes or accuracy? We saw some of this last season after his cyst was removed. Now, coming off another back surgery those questions will remain.

Ideally, Romo needs to have an immaculate pocket this season, and needs to stay off the ground, I don’t know if I trust that back holding up a full 17-game season and beyond. The more I think about it, the more I’m warming up to the idea of drafting Manziel IF, and that’s a big IF he’s there at #16. I’m not trading away picks. The Cowboys can draft Manziel and still come away with some legit starting caliber defensive ends or defensive tackles in the 2nd round and later.

Conversely, knowing that Romo needs to stay upright more often than not, could lead credence to the Cowboys shoring up the offensive line with an early pick. There will be a lot of business going on in Valley Ranch come May 8th. Get ready!

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