In Garrett We Trust

Alright Cowboys Fans, let’s get back into the groove. There’s lots of doom and gloom going around out there, and it all revolves around the defense. Everyone’s concentrating around our injuries, and frustrations over recent roster moves. Obviously, the powers that be have decided to roll with what we have on this team, so that’s-that for now.

Let’s remember there’s two units that will be there at Texas Stadium, the defense is banged up with Newman being doubtful, that’s one player. We still have Ware, Williams, Hatcher, Ferguson, James to beat up the Giants. More importantly, we still have Garrett’s explosive offense. The offense will definitely carry the load in week 1, that’s clear to me now, I’ve come to accept it. Newman is not going to play, and it’ll be Jacques Reeves and the inconsistent Henry on the other end. Ok.

Well, do you think the Giants weak secondary is any better than our secondary right now. We have the better safeties, but I would say our corners are both young and inexperienced, just as the Giants are too. With this being said, its going to come down to execution. It’s going to be a brawl, but their defense won’t be quite as prepared as we will be. The Giants are going to see something new, unlike our previous matchups. They can’t rely on film footage from the last couple of seasons, or this preseason either.

Garrett is going to come out blasting. I’m talking about Fasano, Witten, Owens, Crayton, Hurd, and Glenn if he’s playing. Plus our 1-2 KO duo of Jones and Barber. We only saw some glimpse of the Garrett powerhouse on display this preseason, its “gonna be on” against the Giants, and they aren’t going to know how to slow us down.

Which ever offense does the better job at getting past the opposing defense will win. My money in on Garrett’s offense. I mean, c’mon, the Giants have Kevin Gilbride as their current OC, the OC from the famed Oilers vs Bills debacle in 1993, where the Oilers offense choked and shutdown. Garrett comes from a better pedigree and proven background, he’s played the game, played with the best, been coached by the best, he has that intellectual and calculating persona.

In Garrett We Trust baby! Get pumped.

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