Defensive Coordinator Update: Pasqualoni Gone, Horton Interviewing

Take another defensive coach off the market, Paul Pasqualoni signed with UConn. The Cowboys have completed interviews with Vic Fangio and Greg Munusky, Fangio is officially off the market by signing on with 49ers, and Manusky is likely to sign with the Chargers. I think Garrett’s being very strategic in the search, he’s getting his feet wet handling the interviews, and along the way I think he’s getting an idea of what he wants as his defensive coordinator and he’s getting a feel for the different schemes and 3-4 philosophies.

Who’s next? Pittsburgh’s secondary coach Ray Horton is reportedly going to be brought in to interview with Dallas. Horton played for the Cowboys as a FS and earned a Super Bowl ring in 1992. In addition to this, Horton comes from the Dick Lebeau tree, and has been under his direct study for 7yrs.

Dennis Thurman from Baltimore is another name that is gaining momentum, but nothing official on that just yet. As, I’ve stated before, its likely Garrett could be eying someone that is still in the playoffs, so nothing is imminent right now, nor should we be expected to hear something soon.

Garrett is definitely looking for a defensive scheme that brings the pressure, zone blitzes, creative blitzing, etc. Stayed tuned, the interviews and prospects are about to get very interesting

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