Move Over Boring Sports, Football is Back!

On the eve of America’s real “pastime” it doesn’t matter if your favorite team is not the Saints or Colts, the fact is, Football is here! No more boring sports like tennis, golf, and baseball to torture us for most of the offseason. The real deal, NFL, is back on the block and all other sports can now take their designated seats in the back row. Get outta here with that stuff.

The NFL is the best sporting product out there. No other professional sports organization draws in the biggest viewers. Just think about it, the NFL Draft is pretty much a holiday, people request off or call in just to gather around friends and family to view the latest crop of prospects. The NFL Hall of Fame Inductions is money too, where else can you see the best stars of their time and enjoy watching all the inductees speeches? Baseball, and Basketball HOF coverage has nothing on the NFL. And now comes NFL Kickoff 2007, where the Saints visit the Colts, this is like the Super Bowl. There’s a whole lot of pregame festivities and events leading up to Kickoff – a big celebration!

Football is a game that you can watch even if your favorite team is not playing, we even enjoy watching our most hated rivals playing, just for the simple fact that we route for the opposing team to beat them up. And this is what most of America will be doing tomorrow, its an American tradition.

So, get your popcorn ready, its go time, now everything counts.

My Prediction for the first game of the year: Saints 30 Colts 26

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