Giants Fans, Newman is Starting

Yes, Newman is banged up, but he’s determined to play against the Giants. Tomorrow Newman, will get the injection to numb up the inflammed area at the bottom of his foot, he will test out planting, bump and go, his speed, and man-to-man. Once its shown that he can play through the pain, he will play.

In my eyes, Newman is old school. He’s a Parcells guy through and through, no disrespect to the current regime, but Newman was Parcells first draft pick in the first round in Parcells first year in Dallas. Parcells coached players on all levels, and very hands-on, and I’m positive he enstilled the tough as nails attitude into his players. Newman has the “play through the pain – tough guy attitude” for the field of play, in the same veign of Jason Witten. These guys step up and play even if they are banged up.

Newman will be there on Sunday Night, so get ready. Having Newman really bolsters the defensive secondary, and will let the defensive schemes be alot more aggressive. Reeves will be the starting Nickel back when Newman is on the field, so that’s good as well. Reeves is a solid #3 CB for us.

If, for whatever reason Newman does not play, this bumps Reeves to #2CB, and allevates Nate Jones as the starting Nickel back, and that means, uh-oh time, seriously. You can’t even sugar coat the implications of that.

Jerry Jones commented on Newman’s progressions:

“I really liked his response today,” Jones said Wednesday of Newman. “We’ll see how he feels in the morning. Those things are sore in the morning. I know he’s going to do everything he can to play. We’re hoping we can get him out in the actual team (practice on Thursday).

“He was pushing off and then would push off and then come back a little while later and push off again. He did some things today that when he pushed off a little yesterday were a little more sensitive yesterday than today. So it was an improvement from yesterday.” (

In the end though, if Newman does not play, I still have my money on Jason Garrett’s offensive schemes to do more than Kevin Gilbride’s, hence the “W” will go to Big D.

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