Cowboys Bolster Defensive Depth in 7th Round


The Cowboys had a gameplan and executed it to perfection. The defense got all the attention in the 7th round coming away with some serious potential from all five picks.

The Fearsome Fivesome:

7th Round (#231): Ben Gardner, DE, Stanford

7th Round (#238): Will Smith, OLB, Texas Tech

7th Round (#248): Ahmad Dixon, S, Baylor

7th Round (#251): Ken Bishop, DT, Northern Illinois

7th Round (#254): Terrance Mitchell, CB, Oregon

The Cowboys will throw all these guys into the current mix of defensive players and they’ll go with the top impact play making players when the season starts.

I like the Gardner pick, as he’ll be a Tyrone Crawford type player with the position flex of playing at defensive end or some defensive tackle. He attacks the QB and we needed more pass rushing specialist in this draft.

Ken Bishop is the other player I really liked grabbing here in the 7th round, he’ll come in and compete for some 3-tech rotation.

The Cowboys will be working the phones quickly to sign some undrafted rookie free agents.

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    Interesting rankings on safety

    9. Ahmad Dixon, Baylor: Dixon is a raw prospect in some areas, to be sure, but there’s a lot to like about a 6-foot, 212-pound safety who flies up to make plays in the run game and tackles very aggressively. Right now, he’s more a pure strong safety, though — he battles coverage recognition issues and he will get lost at times. He jumps routes more than he covers deep. That said, he’s got the skill set to excel for an NFL team with clearly-defined free/strong safety roles.

    Draft projection: Round 4

  • @Tag Dixon will make the team. This pick was made to move on from Matt Johnson. The guy can’t make it past training camp, so can you imagine counting on him during a 16-game season, pfff. I’m pulling for Dixon.