Cowboys Sign Monster FB


The Cowboys have signed the huge FB from LSU, J.C. Copeland. The Cowboys will bring him in for a look see, and see if he can supplant current FB Tyler Clutts.

Copeland is a true FB, and could be just what the Cowboys will be looking for to go along with the new look offensive line.


STRENGTHS: Thickly-built throughout and carries a lot of weight on his frame. Long arms and big hands. Hungry ballcarrier and the type of runner defenders don?t enjoy tackling. Keeps his pads low and legs churning to power through and over bodies. Truck in short-yardage and goal line situations. Blows up defenders and constantly looking for the big hit. Highly competitive with a non-stop aggressive play style. Plays angry and tenacious, bringing an intimidation factor to the field. Quality teammate with a likeable personality.

WEAKNESSES: Extreme weight fluctuation with a playing weight between 250 and 290 pounds the past few seasons. Not a technically sound blocker and looks to de-cleat instead of engaging. Too often goes for the knockout blow instead of sustaining and driving his man out of the play. Needs to keep his intensity under control post whistle ? several personal foul penalties on his resume and plays like a volcano ready to erupt. Plays tight and won?t easily turn directions. Inconsistent ballskills with questionable ball security. Only 7 career catches with inconsistent hand-eye coordination and deficient route running ability. Minimal college production with only 92 career rushing yards and 7 scores.

–Dane Brugler

I’ll update a list of all the drafted players and undrafted players later this evening. Go Cowboys!

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