Stephen Jones Offers Intriguing Details in Conference Call

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones took calls from season ticket holders and revealed several tantalizing tidbits. If you don’t have the time to listen to the call here are some of the revelations:

  • Cowboys had Kony Ealy rated after Demarcus Lawrence and would have been a left end pass rusher and play some under tackle (3-tech). Cowboys ended up moving up for Lawrence and the rest is history. Ealy went to the Panthers.


  • The Cowboys considered scenario where they would have drafted an additional offensive lineman in the 3rd round even after selecting Zack Martin in the 1st round. The target was Trai Turner, OG, LSU. To me this could be a hint of what we do in the 2015 draft, they want to continue the overhaul.


  • J.J Wilcox was going to be named the starter at safety the day Wilcox’s mother passed away and when he returned he was not the same, but as the season went on he starting getting back to the Wilcox they saw in training camp. To me, Wilcox will have the inside track, which is great. I do not want to see Heath on the field ever again. Ahmad Dixon is a hitter, will take over McCray’s position on special teams as well.


  • They are very high on Anthony Hitchens, he’ll have every opportunity to compete for all linebacker positions. At the minimum he’ll play behind Sean Lee. With Lee’s injury proneness, I expect us to see Hitchens, so be ready for that.


  • Davon Coleman was high on the Cowboys board, had him rated as a 5th round talent and had him rated higher than Will Sutton. The Cowboys like him. They like J.C.Copeland, he will compete with Clutts. They  like L’Damian Washington. Their sleeper UDFA is Chris Whaley, Marinelli said he compared closely to Melton before his injury; however, he’ll likely be stashed away on PUP to start.


  • They had Devin Street rated as a 3rd round talent and had tried to make a deal in the 4th round to move into the 3rd round to select Street. Compared him to a bigger tougher version of Olgetree, he’ll step right in and compete, and he’ll push Terrance Williams for the #2. Interesting how high they are on him.


  • Zack Martin will help the passing game, but will help open up the running game. We’ll see more running game under Linehan, more balance.


  • Stephen says they are in a win now mode


  • They want 9-11 players to get the best 8 players to rotate throughout games reminiscent of our defenses in the 90s. That’s why they added Mincey, and McClain, and drafted Ken Bishop in the 7th. They want competition and field the best 8 players.


  • The CBA has contributed to injuries, all 32 teams have been hit by more injuries since the new CBA, some more than others. They are working to change this.


  • Scott Linehan has a lot of play action in his play calling, sees us doing more of that. Feels that if we win the time of possession battle it’ll take the pressure off the defense.


  • No time frame on return to San Antonio, but will return sooner than later, even if its for a week or two. Looking forward to getting back soon.


  • Getting in the playoffs will be a successful season and winning in the playoffs.


Interesting news from Stephen Jones. Good stuff from the season ticket holders, great questions.















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