Glenn to Receive Second Opinion on Knee

Well, the Saints are not contenders as projected to be. The Colts ripped the Saints for 41 points, complete destruction and a complete meltdown by Drew Brees. So, now that the NFL season is officially underway, we can get to more pressing matters – Terry Glenn. had two articles earlier the first reporting that Glenn suffered a knee injury and that he would miss two games maybe more, soon after that, an updated article appeared and stated Glenn was lost for the season and stated:

Jones said Glenn’s knee injury is similar to that of former Cowboys center Al Johnson, who missed his entire rookie season in 2003 following microfracture surgery.

“You hate to see this with one of your top players and we need all of those we can beyond the field,” Jones said. “”It’s a real blow for Terry and for us.”

Then the mystery began, because after that, the story reverted back to the whole “2 week or more” article. Either way you cut it, its bad news for Glenn and the Cowboys.

The latest news being reported states that Glenn does in fact have a knee injury, and could be serious. The DMN states:

According to several sources, the veteran wide receiver reinjured his surgically repaired right knee and will miss one game, if not more. Glenn’s agent, Jimmy Gould, said no decisions have been made, and Glenn will seek advice from several doctors.

The key here is the whole seeking advice from several doctors. This leads me to believe the first diagnosis is bad, and Glenn wants some second opinions. Glenn has a history of injury, and if this ends up being a microfracture in the knee, then that’ll be all she wrote, career ender, especially at 33.
So what is a microfracture injury? You can read more here

Typical recovery time varies by age and sport:

Current studies have shown a success rate of 75 to 80 percent among patients 45 years of age or younger, even among professional athletes.[3][5] With the help of physical therapy, patients can often return to sports (or other intense activities) in about 4 months. However, this is a best-case scenario and depends on the severity of the cartilage damage (and any other conditions existing in the knee). Normal patients and professional athletes who play at the highest level however are quite different, as Chris Webber, who underwent the surgery, has stated that a full recovery in 4 months is nearly impossible. Webber returned to the NBA eight months after his surgery but did not feel “like himself” until a few years later.

Its gonna be Hurd time, and Crayton will have his shot to really prove is worth in his contract year this season. It’s been a very active preseason in Dallas, lets hope for some good news somewhere soon…

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