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There’s no denying that this has been one of the most brutal preseason injury riddled seasons the Cowboys have had in years, and Terry Glenn is the latest to be injured, possibly the most worst off from the bunch. Key positions lack depth,lack quality and fans remain worried. Still though, Wade Phillips is having none of it and has relayed the message to his players:

“As far as our team is concerned, it’s a blow certainly not to have him this ballgame,” coach Wade Phillips said. “We expected to have him. I’ve told them all along there are no excuses and we’re not cry babies. … There’s no crying in football.”

Terry Glenn has a career threatening decision to make soon:

According to sources, if Glenn has an arthroscopic procedure on his knee, he could miss a few weeks, but if he has a micro-fracture surgery, then he will not play in 2007 and his career could be in jeopardy. There is no guarantee the arthroscopic surgery will fix the cartilage problem. (DMN)

I’ve been saying all along that between Glenn and Owens, Glenn has the most wear and tear and he’ll be the first of the two to call it a career. Unfortunately, Glenn’s run may come soon than we or he had hoped.

The Cowboys have promoted Crayton to the #2 WR, and Hurd will be the #3WR. Both Crayton and Hurd have looked good in the preseason. Crayton has the best hands on the team, so he’ll make those tough catches that Glenn has made all his career; however, Crayton and Hurd lack Glenn’s gamebreaking deep threat speed. Its a luxury, but not a requirement in Garrett’s offensive scheme. Austin and Stanback round out the backups, I doubt they see any significant playing time. Austin made this team because of his special teams specialty, his skills at WR are suspect. We don’t want our receivers running wrong routes and causing Romo to throw an INT. Stanback is a project, and the jury is still out on him.

With all this being said, the Cowboys could still be in the market for some more experience, and former Patriots starting WR Reche Caldwell could be an option:

The agent for Reche Caldwell, who caught 61 passes for 760 yards and four touchdowns last year in New England before being cut by the Patriots this summer, said he spoke with the Cowboys on Thursday. Phillips is also familiar with Caldwell, who played for the Chargers from 2002-05.(DMN)

Giants RB Brandon Jacobs is talking mad smack, and he’s in for a rude awakening. Jacobs said the Giants were going “whip their (butts).”

Giants fans are going to know how bad their season is going to be once we shut him down. Jacobs is a goal line, short down back. Like I said in earlier in the week, Jacobs is what Hambrick was to us a few years ago. These guys are short yardage guys.

Several Cowboys defensive players commented on Jacob’s stupidity;

Chris Canty: “To come out and say that, that’s pretty bold,” defensive end Chris Canty said. “He’s in the NFL. He’s a good football player. But there are certain things you just don’t say. You can feel that way, but you don’t put it out there in the media.”

“Just go ahead and put some gas on the fire,” Canty said. “If that’s what you really want to do.”

Jason Ferguson said the Cowboys would “do their talking on the field” and linebacker Bobby Carpenter responded with a “We’ll see.” (

Jacobs is going to get lit up every time he gets the ball, I can’t wait to see that.

Madden NFL 08 Forecast is back, and has predicted a Cowboys victory 34-17.

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