Tony Romo Voted #71 Amongst NFL’s Top 100

Tony Romo, QB

Tony Romo has been voted #71 amongst his peers in NFL Network’s Top 100. Romo wasn’t on the list last year, but he’s back this year. Despite the 8-8  season Romo played some of his best football, but 2013 was the same year the defense took a nose dive. If Romo is truly recovered from his second back surgery and if the defense improves, then the Cowboys have a legitimate chance in 2014.

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  • sportsdvl

    Considering he’s the 5th best QB in the league, no way is he only the 71st best player. Completely stupid.

  • Totally agree. He had a great year considering the deficiencies on the defensive side of the ball. Now, if he can replicate last year and if the defense is improved I think we have a shot this year.