Rapoport: Kyle Orton Informed Cowboys of Retirement Plans


For a few months, there have been rumblings and signs that Kyle Orton was mulling retirement. Well, there seems to be more than mulling. NFL Network’s insider, Ian Rapoport is shedding more light on the potential troubling news for Cowboys Nation:


The Cowboys will be forced to play the hand of demanding about $3 million dollars from Orton should he follow through with his retirement plans. The Cowboys probably knew this was coming, and the reason they signed several backups, but none of which are close to Orton’s level.

We signed former 1st round bust Brandon Weeden in free agency and we added Caleb Hanie as well. If Orton retires, the Cowboys may need to look around for another option. The pickings are extremely slim.

Would the Cowboys sign Kevin Kolb perhaps, or roll the dice with what we have…

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    It was highly likely that Orton was not coming back.
    I have zero faith in Hanie, but if they had ANY faith in Weeden why was Hanie even a consideration…..
    I would have pushed Orton more for a decision prior to draft…

  • Once again, I totally agree with you bro. Honestly, I hope he retires and maybe this will get the Cowboys going for a true future franchise QB in 2015. I think Romo may be ok, but until we see him on the field this year, we won’t know if he’ll decline or lose some accuracy. We are playing with fire this late in his career and without a heir to the throne in place.

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    now this story takes on a whole “new look”. getting a reason why orton would force jerrys hand to leave then sign with someone else…. something is rotten in dallas
    whatever is “rotten” might be the reason “why” we have been mediocre (on our best day)…. on our average day – we flat out have s@cked! we lack SO MANY things that the teams of the 70’s and ’93 & ’94 HAD!
    Cheering for this team is like waiting for your spouse to WAKE UP and smell the coffee!