UDFA Fullback, J.C. Copeland Wearing #48 Now


What’s in a jersey number? The Cowboys don’t have an official jersey retirement, but some numbers do carry enough prestige and honor to not be handed out to players. I don’t think we’ll ever see another #12, #8, or #22 anytime soon. However, we have seen #88 used several times, which by all accounts has some serious tradition to it.

The great Drew Pearson donned the #88 and that’s when the tradition began. Michael Irvin was the next player to do the number proud to say the least. Antonio Bryant on the other hand was a bust and complete disaster. Dez Bryant is on his way to continuing the #88 tradition, and time will tell. Let’s get some Super Bowl rings Dez!

So, where does #48 fall into the mix. 48 is synonymous with Daryl “Moose” Johnston, the much revered fullback that busted open holes for Emmitt Smith. Smith will tell you he was probably the most instrumental player that helped him take less hits to the body and gain the most yards in NFL history. What a lead blocker Moose was, just shear greatness and probably one of the most underrated players from the ’90s dynasty, worthy of a Ring of Honor induction in my opinion.

Fast forward to 2014, and the jersey has made its way out of a mostly unofficial retirement state and into the hands of undrafted free agent rookie fullback J.C. Copeland, LSU. If Copeland can call upon the power of Moose Johnston, we could have a crazy running attack and Murray will be grateful for it.

Copeland went to Twitter to show his new duds:


To which Moose actually replied to with his Tweet of:

I missed these tweets, so special shoutout to my friends at CowboysAddicts.com for the heads up. Good stuff. Copeland will have a steep hill to climb, but a monster FB is probably the final piece this running attack is missing. Tyler Clutts will have the inside track, but there’s no doubt Copeland was brought into the mix to compete and have a shot at this.

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