Gameday: Cowboys vs. Giants

The Cowboys season starts today. The Cowboys hobble into the 1st game battered and beat up at key positions, but are still expected to win this game. There are no excuses come kickoff time. On paper, the Cowboys still have the better roster. The key will be which teams wants this win more, the Dallas Cowboys or the NY Giants.

Here are the Keys to Victory:

Turnovers are atop the list. Which ever teams has the most turnovers will lose this game. This means, Patrick Crayton better not muff any punts, and better secure the ball after the catch. Crayton has been known to fumble after he trys to gain those extra yards, scary. The receivers better know their routes, so that Romo does not throw an INT where a WR was suppose to be. Romo better not fumble around with the snaps.

Penalties will happen in every game, but you want to keep them to a minimum.

Fast start, Strong finish are important. In the past, the Cowboys have come out and immediately sent out consecutive 3 and outs. We CANNOT have that. The first drive needs to be definitive and needs to end with a touchdown. Establish the run, but keep the aerial attack on pace. If we lead the game, we need to finish strong and put the Giants away. Too many times in the past we just let teams hang around, and in some cases, these teams pulled out the win. Play to finish, crush the opponent, suffocate them until the game is over, don’t be finesse out there.

Get pressure on Eli Manning and we will have the Giants reeling as they return to NY. Ware will bring the pressure, but I want to see Hatcher in the game with great frequency. I don’t want to see Ware as the only guy out there and Spears out there wasting his pass rush. Get Hatcher out there and make something happen.

Giants @ Cowboys
Texas Stadium Gamecenter

The Rest of the NFC East:
Dolphins @ Redskins 12:00 CST
Eagles @ Packers 12:00 CST

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