Cowboys Need Exit Strategy from Sean Lee

Sean Lee

As much as I hate to say this, but Sean Lee is a certified injury prone player. He just is, and if you’re hoping he’ll bounce back in 2015, I wouldn’t hold your breath. The Cowboys gave Lee an extension just last year, and they knew they had to put some language in there to protect their investment. Good thing they did, because Sean Lee will never play a full season for Dallas or anybody. His body won’t hold up, he’s the defensive version of Miles Austin to say the least. I love the player and production, but he’s not helping us by being on the sidelines.

When healthy and on the field Lee is one of the league’s best linebackers. He’s a playmaker, but there’s a point when we have to move on. The Cowboys will¬† undoubtedly bring back Sean Lee in 2015, but what happens when he get’s hurt again, because he will. Do the Cowboys keep Lee? Do they force a restructure like they did with Ware and ultimately release him? I think that’s where this thing is heading.

Lee is 27, and he’ll be 28 this coming July. He won’t see the field in 2014. By the time Lee gets “100%” for next offseason, and by the time the 2015 season starts, Lee will be 29. Let’s say he gets injured yet again, and loses time yet again. Do you really want to keep investing time in an aging player? Supposedly the Cowboys have moved to a more fiscally sound model, and if Lee keeps losing playing time, they will have to force a restructure or release him.

The Cowboys made a statement when they drafted Anthony Hitchens in the 4th round. A move that is looking better by the day despite what all the inaccurate draft gurus said about the selection. The Cowboys basically said they don’t trust Lee’s health, and they needed to add a guy back there as insurance. Lee knows it, the Cowboys know, and fans know it. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping Hitchens can catch on fast and take a stranglehold on the position, I really do. We cannot keep hoping these guys will recover from injuries when history has been the clearest indicator that they will not.

The only positive that can come from Lee’s injury is that we’ll know if Hitchens or DeVonte Holloman can be the next guy to take over now and for the future at MLB. If not, they Cowboys probably add an average street free agent and use a higher draft pick at linebacker next draft.

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    Lee is more suited to coach. He body wont let him play, so he should use his mind and stay in that game that way.

  • No doubt he’ll “recover” from his ACL injury, but what will it be next season? Everyone is just holding their breath on Lee. Love the player, but he’s not on the field enough.