Will Dez Bryant Move Up NFL Network’s Top 100?

Throw Up the X

Last year, Dez Bryant made his first appearance on NFL Network’s Top 100, he came in at #35. Bryant had not made the list in previous years.

There were seven other wide receivers voted ahead of Bryant in 2013:

#27: Brandon Marshall
#26: Julio Jones
#22: Larry Fitzgerald
#21: Reggie Wayne
#16: A.J. Green
#14: Andre Johnson
#3: Calvin Johnson

Based on what these receivers did last year, including Dez, you would think he’s a lock to move up in the Top 100 for 2014. Question is, how much further will Bryant move up the rankings? These votes are suppose to count for the player’s current production, but players still take into account the entire body of work.

That being said, the well established vets like Marshall, Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, and Calvin Johnson should all remain in the mix of the top 30. Julio Jones and Reggie Wayne will likely slip due to injuries that sidelined them most of the season.

Then you have the younger players like Demaryius Thomas, A.J. Green, and Alshon Jeffery that will surely make their presence known in this year’s list.

At minimum I think there’s a good chance Dez get’s into the Top 30, but do you think he’ll get into the Top 25 or better? It’s quite possible. Dez has steadily improved his game and become “the guy” opposing defenses want to slow down.


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