Shootout in Dallas, Cowboys Win 45-35

The fingernails are chewed off and my fingers are raw, who else has this problem? All I can say is WOW, what a game. It was a roller coaster from start to finish, with all the high drama of an action thriller.

All I can say is that this game was won by four players that excel at their positions: Tony Romo, Marion Barber III, Jason Witten, and Terrell Owens

Ok, I was wrong in predicting that Newman would play – he didn’t. But what I did hit the nail on was the Garrett Factor. I wrote a few posts back that this game would be won on offense, and which ever offensive coordinator could exploit the opposing defense would win the game. You can read “In Garrett We Trust” to get my prediction on the events that would transpire tonight, thank God!
Garrett vs. Gilbride

Sorry Gilbride, Garrett won this battle tonight. The offense was red hot, and firing on all cylinders. I don’t know what all the worries were either, this whole thing about the Giants getting the Eagles Steve Spagnuolo as their DC was a non factor. We tore up that defense.

The Bad news of tonight comes from the defense. You saw the same game I saw, so let’s just be real, the defense sucks. Yes, Newman was out, but the pressure was there, and the secondary still blew ass, what a complete and utter disaster. Manning to Burress was money all night long. Good thing our offense carried the load, because throughout the entire game you could feel that gut wrenching feeling that these loser Giants could possibly pull out a miracle comeback and win the game. Not tonight sir, we won the game, it was ugly, but we won the game.

Players of the game:

Tony Romo was near perfect tonight. Great composure, veteran pocket presence, and command of the huddle are all the components a championship quarterback needs to win in this league and Romo certainly had all these attributes against the Giants.

Marion Barber played like a champ as well, what a game changing player. I’m close to coming to the conclusion that Barber is the main back in Dallas. The offense clicked when he was in the backfield, he runs hard, looks for contact and just pumps up the crowd. What a great game. Go ahead and give Barber an extension, he’s our guy. We still need two backs, but right now, Barber gives us the best opportunity to keep drives alive. Julius looked like a backup tonight, he didn’t do much. I like Julius, but tonight he didn’t do crap really.

Jason Witten is a bad mofo, and like I said before, Garrett’s bringing Witten back, and you can expect big numbers from Witten. Tonight was a big test, and Witten kept drives alive, just as Novacek did back in the ’90s. Bigtime game for Witten

Terrell Owens was shutdown in the first half, and I could just imagine if he hadn’t had any catches and we had lost. Thankfully, adjustments were made, and TO was on fire, virtually unstoppable.



Eagles LOSE at Packers

Redskins WIN against Dolphins

Our next game @ Miami 9/16 on Fox 3:15 CST

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