Will Cowboys Defense Allow More 400 yard passers?

Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr

It’t no secret the Cowboys had the worst defense in franchise history last year, and they invested heavily on the defensive side of the ball in hopes to remedy the horrendous stats from last year. Question is, have the Cowboys done enough this offseason to get the defense back on track?

With DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher gone, the defense will rely on a nearly completely revamped defensive line. George Selvie becomes the vet on the defensive line, and we now welcome the new additions of Terrell McClain, Henry Melton, Jeremy Mincey, and rookies DeMarcus Lawrence, Ben Gardner, Ken Bishop.

That is a lot of depth, something the Cowboys were empty on last year. This year however, the Cowboys are looking to be aggressive all game long with “waves” of fresh rushmen coming at the quarterback.

Without the pass rush, the Cowboys were lit up in a majority of their games, but there were four times when the defense was just obliterated. These four QBs had a field day against Dallas’ defense:

Eli Manning 450
Philip Rivers 401
Peyton Manning 414
Matt Stafford 488

Giving up 300 yards a game is not good, but when you give up 400+ yards then you have serious breakdowns. In those four games where the passer threw for 400+ yards the Cowboys were 1-3; they defeated the Giants in a week 1 shootout, it was a pre-cursor to the defense as a whole though.

For 2014, the Cowboys defense will be challenged heavily right out the gate as we host the dynamic¬†49ers offensive attack. The Cowboys will face Drew Brees in week 4 which will be another huge challenge for the defense. @Bears and Colts will also provide the defense with some serious challenges. The Bears have owned the Cowboys in recents years, and that game will be a tough one. Andrew Luck can dissect any defense in the league, and he’ll be ready for a brawl against the Cowboys.

I’m really looking forward to how the Cowboys attack the QB this year; but more importantly, how the secondary will handle coverage. Are we really going to let these guys play press, it’s their strength or will we get burnt in zone coverage again? Either way, this is likely a make or break year for Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr.

The Cowboys are really banking on the offensive line to manhandle defenses which would in-turn help keep the ball away from the oppossing offenses. Couple this with all the newly acquired defensive talent and the Cowboys should not see any more 400+ yard passers – we hope not.

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  • Eo Utnac

    Well, at least they’ll only 1 game out of .500 after the first game