Schefter: Per Source, Cowboys Are Releasing Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton

Well, looks like the Cowboys are blinking again. According to ESPN Insider, Adam Schefter, the Cowboys will indeed be releasing Kyle Orton. As a result, he won’t be accountable for re-paying back his signing bonus.

In addition, the Cowboys will eat about $1.1 million for current 2014 cap and another $2.25 in 2015 – great…

The move will thrust Brandon Weeden to the #2 QB, and Caleb Hanie to #3. We could see the Cowboys adding another QB into the mix, unless they feel great about Weeden at #2, which looks like they may be.

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    Why take the financial hit…

  • That’s the same thing I thought. He’s walking away with the signing bonus which is ridiculous to me. Do you feel they are setting a precedent with this Ratliff release and now Orton?

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    I don’t know. I thought they were smarter than that…it’s a waste of money.. Why show loyalty to Orton?